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Student Film Clubs networked in Ukraine

08.04.2014 / Adéla Skálová

In Kiev, a OWIS coordinator, led a workshop and a presentation about Student Film Clubs. The program took place within the frame of the Docudays UA International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival which closely cooperate with the One World International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival in Prague. The audience was composed mainly of the Ukrainian regional festival coordinators who organize screenings in their cities and villages. They wanted to know, how to organize school projections, how to lead student debates, how to attract new audiences and experts, and mainly how to motivate teachers. Many of them reflected that it is extremely important to have discussions and to teach about human rights at schools, especially in days following the Russian military intervention to Crimea.

We Welcomed Our Foreigner Partners in Prague

14.03.2014 / Kateřina Majdiaková

It was our pleasure to welcome the partners of One World in School programme in Prague within the frame of the One World International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival. The representatives of foreigner institutions from Georgia, Mongolia, Armenia and Moldova have used know-how of One World in School programme, how to teach about the grievous topics according to documentary films. The guests attended school screenings for pupils and students and also special screening for Czech teachers. They also visited instructional lesson at secondary technical school in Liberec. Finally we prepared for them workshop focused on practical training using docs at schools. We would like to thank our partners for cooperation and we are looking forward future work. Look at our photo gallery.

School Screenings Have Just Started

05.03.2014 / Bohumila Beranová

The school screenings within the frame of the One World Internationl Human Rights Documentary Film Festival started on Mondey in Prague and they will be held till 12th of March. Then they will continue in regions of the Czech Republic. Films are chosen with respekt to the age of the audience. For younger audiences there is the Docs for Kids category, which this year touches on theme such as poverty, bullying, life on the streets, social exclusion and child labour. The Docs for Students presents a collection of films concerning undemocratic regimes, new media and their influence on young people, active citizenship, child labour and ecological behaviour. Our foreign partners also have arrived within the frame of the festival. More information about the educational programme One World in Schools you can find in our new leaflet.

Příloha .pdf (601,0KB)

Student Early Parliamentary Elections

31.10.2013 / Jana Havlíčková

More than 400 secondary schools participated in the Student early parliamentary elections which were organized by One world in Schools and held 2nd-3rd of October 2013, exactly one month before regular elections to Parliament in the Czech Republic. Student elections aim to familiarize students with democratic principles, electoral system and to initiate discussion on political topics among students. More than 50 000 students cast their votes in the ballot box created by their classmates. Look at the results and photogallery.
In connection with Student elections, students had a chance to ask politicians on debate that we carried out one day before Student election in Prague.  Look at the video.

New Educational Toolkit in Armenia

14.08.2013 / Kateřina Majdiaková

One World in Schools in cooperation with the local mission of People in Need prepared for Armenian teachers the eductional toolkit. The educational toolkit consists of the DVD with six films and social spots and methodological handbook. The films are focused on the human rights through following main themes: Migration, Labor Rights, Tolerance and Environmental Issues. The methodological hanbook has been developed as a structered guide for teachers to assist them with preparing their lesson plan for civic education.

Mongolian Teachers Were Trained How to Use Our Audiovisual Material

10.06.2013 / Kateřina Majdiaková

In May 50 teachers from 24 schools in Mongolia were trained how to use audiovisual material in education. They had the opportunity to watch the films that are included to the educational toolkit and try the didactic material that are prepared to each film. The didactic material allows teachers to work with the topics that are showed in the films in their lessons. The training was also visited by Ivana Grollova the Ambassador of the Czech Republic in Mongolia. The educational toolkit, which is prepared by the experts, teachers and students, will be ready in the beggining of the school year in September 2013.

Meeting of the Youth from Europe Focused on Global Hunger and Poverty

04.06.2013 / Kateřina Majdiaková

The youth from Italy, Germany, Ireland and the Czech Republic met in Wannsee Forum, Berlin from 7th to 9th of May. The International Thematic Meeting was focused on issues of global hunger and poverty, food waste and climate change. All participants had the opportunity to attend several thematic lectures and discussions with guests. During the workshops they prepared their own plan of actions in which described how they would like to deal with the problems. The main output of the meeting was the declaration adressed do the representatives of the European Union.

Almost 51,000 Pupils Have Visited School Screenings

17.05.2013 / Bohumila Beranová

The school screenings within the frame of the One World International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival have been over. Young spectators had the opportunity to watch films on social exclusion, old age and live with a disability. Almost 51,000 pupils with their teachers have come to the cinemas this year, 38,000 in regions of the Czech Republic, 13,000 in Prague.

Educational Materials in Practise in Macedonian Schools

06.05.2013 / Kateřina Majdiaková

From 29th to 30th of April the project coordinator of One World in Schools visited five schools in Macedonia. The coordinator had the opportunity to perfom classroom observations when the teachers used the educational toolkit prepared by MakeDox in cooperation with One World in Schools. The school visit showed up that the documentary film is universal means of teaching about human rights. The teachers confirmed that the educational toolkit is very helpful and meets the requirements of the curriculum. Also the students responded on the films and activities very well.

New Educational Toolkit in Macedonia

26.03.2013 / Kateřina Majdiaková

One World in Schools in cooperation with human rights festival MakeDox from Macedonia prepared for Macedonia high-school teachers the educational toolkit. The educational toolkit includes DVD with fourteen documentary films and teacher´s workbook. The toolkit is designed to be used in the teaching of civic education and sociology in Macedonian high-schools. The toolkit will be promoted by MakeDox on Thursday, 28th of March at the Macedonian Cinemtheque.

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